Jim Schwoebel
Position: Chief Executive Officer

Jim has started, managed, and grown companies across multiple sizes, stages, and market sectors, taking the roles of CEO, CTO, COO, board member, and advisor in multiple startup companies. He is specialized in developing strategic plans for early-stage companies to reach high-growth and funding milestones. Jim is the sole author of a textbook in neurobiotechnology with 4300+ citations. He is also the lead author on Neuro@Tech brochure that outlined 60+ research laboratories/10+ disciplines on Georgia Tech's campus related to neuroscience, which was impactful because previously the neuroscience community at Georgia Tech was thought of being fairly small (perhaps 15+ labs). These two publications helped to jumpstart a movement to create a new research center on Georgia Tech's campus specialized in neuroscience and neuroengineering in parallel to an undergraduate minor in neurobiotechnology. Jim is an active co-founder and partner in NeuroLaunch, the world’s first neuroscience accelerator. Jim helped to raise a $1M seed fund to start NeuroLaunch. To date, NeuroLaunch has vetted over 110 startups and invested in and grown 11 startups related to neuroscience. Six of the eleven companies in the NeuroLaunch portfolio are post-revenue, and, collectively, the eleven companies have raised over $2.5M. NeuroLaunch has grown to become the most connected seed-stage community for growing and mentoring early-stage companies related to neuroscience, consisting of over 130 mentors worldwide. He is also an active co-founder and partner in CyberLaunch, an accelerator focused to fund and grow companies related to machine learning and information security. This accelerator will fund and grow 10 companies over the next year (2016). The CyberLaunch community is growing rapidly, with already over 115 mentors. He currently serves on the Board of Unapop, an Ad Tech company. For his work, Jim was awarded the Alvin M. Ferst Leadership and Entrepreneurship Award in 2014. Jim holds a B.S. in Biomedical Engineering from Georgia Tech.

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